On a Rare and Unexpected Find

I was going through a box of office supplies just a little bit ago, and I came across something… unique.

A StarCraft: Ghost mousepad.

I can’t imagine that Blizzard made a ton of these, seeing as the game was in near-perpetual development hell before finally being killed a year and a half ago.

I have a mousepad for it.

I’ve played Ghost, by the way. Blizzard had it up and running at an EB Games vendor show a few years ago. I’m thinking it was Vendor Show 2004, in Orlando, when I was sick as a gorram dog. Because it was Vendor Show 2005 that I spent as much time as humanly possible playing Age of Empires III at the Microsoft booth.

I’ll have to check eBay and see what a StarCraft: Ghost mousepad might be going for. I don’t have use for it — trackballs don’t need mousepads. 😉

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