On a Recent Search Phrase Round-Up

I must be some sort of pop-culture maven. Thanks to the Google-Fu of readers everywhere, people want my insights into why Boston Legal‘s cast is different this year, or they want to know who’s on Captain Jack’s Torchwood 3 team.

Answer to the first — the David E. Kelley cast revolving door. Get used to it.

Answer to the second — Jack, Owen, Tosh, Gwen, Ianto.

For some random questions…

  • hot british girl boston legal. The actress’s name is Tara Summers. She was pretty hot. 😉
  • who plays Elias Vaughn. No idea who the person used for the covers is.
  • chick-fil-a neckties. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one.
  • does triplicate girl split into three. Umm, I would think so. That’s why she’s called “Triplicate Girl.”

But my favorite? Honestly?

“How do you spell ‘Keith’ in Elvish?”

Really, people. Give me something difficult. 🙂

And do I watch Bionic Woman tonight or not? I’m really in the air on this one. Is Michelle Ryan sufficient reason to tune into a show that I otherwise would have no interest in?

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