On a Retro Weekend

Hot Wax Weekend!

When I was young, the local radio stations had a Hot Wax Weekend from time to time; they would roll back the clock and play hits of the 60s instead of hits of the 80s.

For me, on a Hot Wax Weekend, I also turn back the clock.

The blogging clock.

To my original blog design, eight years old now. No gravatars. No bells-and-whistles. Just chunky web design.

Rather than repeat myself, the last time I did this, two years ago now, I shared some of history of the website.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the start of unofficial summer, or something like that. It’s also a Hot Wax Weekend here at allyngibson.com, so fire up some Creedence Clearwater Revival or some Doors, wear a tie-dyed shirt, and turn back the clock.


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