On a Screaming Cat

Percy has taken to sleeping on the bathroom sink counter. I'm not sure why, but he seems to like it. He perks up a little when someone walks by, he'll say something, and then he'll get petted. Maybe that's why he picked that spot–it's right inside the door.

I was shaving. He didn't mind. He sat up, watched me scrape my face, and then settled back down and went to sleep.

I took a shower. He freaked out. He started to cry. Then he started to howl. I would say something calming, something to soothe him, and still he would howl.

I finished my shower. He sat on the counter, looked at me, a wild look in his eyes. I toweled off.

I patted his head, and then he decided everything was fine. He settled back down, and went back to his morning nap.

Note to self: Next time I take a shower, put Percy out of the bathroom.

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