On a Shore Leave Dream

I had a dream last night. Oddly (for me, anyway), I remember this dream.

It was about Shore Leave, the Star Trek convention held in Baltimore every July.

So! The dream.

As many attendees know, the Hunt Valley Marriott changed the carpet about a year and a half ago. In light of that, the convention was moved…

…to a local BJ’s Warehouse Club.

So, in the aisles where shoppers were pushing carts to buy food and home goods in bulk sizes, there was a Star Trek con. And sometimes, to get to a panel or such, one would need to climb the industrial racks or ride a forklift to the top.

Music was provided by Keith DeCandido who had no band or no drums but instead regalled an audience with guitar strumming and “Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey.” Then he took a collection, and if the audience didn’t pay up he’d sicc a grey cat on them.

In the dream I tried to interest Keith in a Star Trek anthology concept. In the dream, the idea was awesome and I was extraordinarily excited about it. In the warm light of morning… it’s got jack-all to do with Star Trek and I wonder what I was thinking. :spock:

And then I woke up. The Shore Leave in the BJ’s Warehouse Club had come to an end.

If this is the kind of dream I have, then I’m glad I don’t more often remember them…. 😆

2 thoughts on “On a Shore Leave Dream

  1. That reminds me of a ST con dream I had (I think I even mentioned that somewhere). There was a SL-like convention in a hotel here, but it was a very strange event.

    Of course, Keith was there, too! You can’t have a strange dream without Keith.

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