On a Strange Dream

I haven’t been sleeping well of late. Actually, ever since the move I’ve simply not been able to sleep, at least not until the early hours of the morn.

It’s also means that I’m either remembering my dreams or I’m hallucinating. I don’t normally remember my dreams, and yet I remember quite vividly part of last night’s dreams.

I was at a Star Trek convention. Let’s say Shore Leave. It’s the masquerade hall, I’m sitting at one of the tables.

Senator John Kerry comes in and sits down beside me.

We shake hands. We have an amiable conversation. He knows my name, he seems quite familiar with me. We talk about Star Trek — it seems he’s quite a fan.

Then things take a bizarre turn. A giant sheet of glass, the need to climb rope ladders. All quite random.

It’s early, but I’m hitting the sack.

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