On a Trip to Big Lots

I was at Big Lots last night.

I hadn’t been in a while. I puttered around the store for forty minutes, hoping to find something of interest.

The store was emptier than I could ever remember seeing it. Some of the fixtures seemed to be gone.

I was tempted to buy A Wish for Wings That Work; they had the DVD for three dollars. Ultimately, I put it back on the shelf.

They had their Christmas merchandise out. I looked through their selection of Christmas music.


Yes, it’s two and a half months away. Never too early to think about Christmas!

Why, just today I had Christmas music in the CD player.

I got out my heavy winter coat, too. Tried it on. I doubt I’ve ever worn it, to be honest. It’s heavy. Very nice. And very heavy!


For what it’s worth, I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. I have something for my niece already. And no, it doesn’t involve Cthulhu. Nor is it particularly nerdy. :h2g2:

As for what I ended up buying at Big Lots last night, I got a coffee mug, featuring Snoopy as the World War I Flying Ace. Two dollars.

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