On a Week-End Round-Up

Another week, another review of the week that was! 🙂

Sunday began with a review of the week prior. Exciting stuff? Not really, no. Instead, I was counting down the hours until Tom Petty’s appearance at the Super Bowl. And how was that?

I reflected on Petty’s Super Bowl halftime show Monday morning. In short, it was an… okay performance. I didn’t hate it, unlike several coworkers. I might’ve have liked to hear something Tom Petty had recorded since my high school days, and it occurred to me that some of the fangirls in his audience might not even have been born when his four song set was written. Petty’s set did have one positive effect — it prompted me to listen to some Tom Petty this week. 🙂

On Tuesday I reflected on specialty retailing, drawing upon my years of experience at EB Games. What prompted this was an essay by a comic shop owner about why product doesn’t move, and I disagreed vehemently with his viewpoint.

Tuesday afternoon I went out and bought the Across the Universe DVD, and on Wednesday I complained about a lapse on the DVD set — it didn’t come with the theatrical trailer. It did have other trailers, though, and the trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl so intrigued me that I went out and bought the novel on Saturday. I’m a sucker for Tudor-era costume dramas.

Have I watched Across the Universe since I bought it? Sadly, no. I’ve been working my way through, in a strange turn, a Tudor-era costume drama — Showtime’s The Tudors. 😆

Thursday began with a headache. The headache passed, fortunately. And I had a productive day at work. 🙂

Friday I discovered new fans of my writing. Or more specifically, fans of a different type of my writing.

Finally, on Saturday I took a look at nine months worth of search phrase logs. And what conclusions can we draw from what people want to know based upon what I’m writing about? I’m a little into geek culture. 😆

Coming up this week? Allyn goes to cast a primary vote. Allyn goes to a convention.

Stay tuned!

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