On a Week-End Round-Up

Another week, another recap.

The week began with a reminiscence on Netscape. On Saturday, March 1st, AOL’s support for and development of the venerable Netscape browser came to an end. I was, in all truth, never much of a Netscape fan. I thought its rendering engine was slow, and it never had the most attractive interface. Yet, I cannot deny that without Netscape we would not be living in the world of the World Wide Web as we do today. Perhaps we would still be talking about using Gopher to find information. Netscape made the web mainstream. Farewell, Netscape.

On Monday I reviewed IDW Publishing’s Doctor Who #1 comic book. At the risk of repeating myself, I really liked Nick Roche’s artwork, and I’m looking forward to seeing where Gary Russell takes the series. It is a pricey comic, at four dollars an issue. Perhaps IDW needs to look at selling ad space in their comics, instead of filling the ad pages with in-house ads, to defray their expenses. Just a thought. :vogon:

Tuesday began with some musings on my inability to sleep the night previous. Sometimes I have songs that get stuck in my head. And when that happens, I can’t sleep. The songs just won’t go away. So I have to wait the songs out, until the tape loop ends.

Wednesday was the day after the Ohio and Texas primaries, and I wrote about my grandmother’s sense of politics. She can be downright confusing, as she goes from loving Hillary Clinton to hating her in the span of thirty seconds. And sometimes she loves the President, and then she hates him. I’m never sure what she really thinks.

Thursday I wrote about the signs of spring — spring training baseball. Yesterday I caught a Cubs game on WGN, and I listened to part of an Orioles game on the radio. On Sunday there’s again an Orioles game on the local radio station, and the Cubs are playing on WGN. And once again, I’ll plug Bleed Cubbie Blue as a Cubs blog to watch.

Friday was random geekery day. From LOLthulhu to CSS3 descriptors in the website’s stylesheet, and even some mention of Flock‘s built-in blogging interface, Friday was a bit of a catch-all. And this needs to be mentioned: Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” as performed on cello. 🙂

Also, LEGO fans should be on the lookout for BrickJournal. I subscribed to TwoMorrow‘s magazine for LEGO enthusiasts, and the first issue arrived in my mailbox on Friday. Check your local bookstore in the next week or two, LEGO fans. 🙂

Yesterday I wrote about a voting bloc that gets ignored at election time — the atheist vote. After John McCain called Washington, DC, “the city of Satan,” I wondered if anyone could run a campaign without pandering to the religious vote. This morning I came across this analysis by L. Ron Brown that a recent Barack Obama speech on the role of religion in America that made me feel a bit better about the prospects for non-religious types in this country.

But the week didn’t end on a down note, as I mentioned that there’s some hope for the Beatles coming to iTunes. And that means Beatles remasters. And possibly “Now and Then.”

And, of course, Saturday ended with the Cubs scoring a 4-1 win over the Diamondbacks in the game on WGN. (They also played the A’s in a split-squad game, and the Cubs lost that one.)

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