On a Winter Wonderland

It’s December 23rd. It’s foggy, and it’s rainy. It should be a winter wonderland, shouldn’t it? Snow and trees and snow, right?

Well, it can be. On my blog, anyway.

Brian Gardner, who designed the Vertigo Blue theme I’ve been using for a while now, released last year a Christmas theme for WordPress called “Wonderland.” I’d downloaded it, not because I had any intention of using it, but because it looked neat and I like looking at code.

What can I say? I have strange hobbies…

With Christmas approaching I thought about putting up a Christmassy theme, to spread a little holiday cheer. And when I saw Matt Mullenweg write this morning about how he wanted falling snowflakes on his website I felt like the stars were all in alignment.

“Wonderland” needed a little bit of work. First, to incorporate the snowflakes javascript. Second, to enable sidebar widgets. Third, to get some of my pages — like Tags and Archives — to work properly. Not major fixes, and all told about a half-hour’s worth of work.

As something to spread a little holiday cheer — and to just look neat — I like “Wonderland.”

And after the New Year, back to Vertigo Blue. :cheers:

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