On a Zeppelin-Esque Christmas

Because it’s Christmas-time, and because I like strange and silly and obscure Christmas music — like the conversation I had yesterday about The Royal Guardsmen and “Snoopy’s Christmas” — I thought it only fair to point out a Christmas song that I’ve liked since I first heard it.

It’s “Winter Wonderland,” done in the style of Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop.”

The musical duo behind this completely mental — and completely entertaining — admixture is Fleming & John.

When I first heard the song three years ago, after I’d moved to Baltimore, the song was easily found on their website. Alas, no longer.

However. This song is available here.

Some may find it surprising that I like the song, since I’m not really a Zeppelin fan. I mean, I have their CDs, and I listen to them occasionally, but that’s about it. Really, if I want to listen to “Stairway to Heaven,” I’d probably listen to this version:

Merry Christmas, Zeppelin fans. :cheers:

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