On Across the Universe

Before Spider-Man 3 there was a trailer for a film I’d never heard of before–Across the Universe. The trailer started to unspool–a young man, shaggy hair, sitting on a beach, a wry smile on his face, singing a Beatles song. “Girl,” from Rubber Soul.

I love that song.

Five seconds. The trailer had me. “Girl.”

Is there anybody going to listen to my story,
All about the girl who came to stay?
She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry,
Still you don’t regret a single day.

Okay, the trailer only uses the first two lines. I love the song, can’t you tell?

The movie the trailer suggested its first minute and a half looks interesting–a story of love and loss in the mid- and late-60s against a backdrop of Beatles songs. Then the trailer took a hard right hand turn into far more imaginative imagery. I sat there and went, “What the hell?” I was confused, yes, but curious, too. I didn’t know what this film was, I recognized no one in the trailer, but I knew right then I have to see it.

Five seconds. The shaggy guy. The wry smile. “Girl.” I have to see this movie.

When I came home from Spidey 3 I had to find out what Across the Universe was. Directed by Julie Taymor. Okay, she’s a visionary. I’ve seen Titus. A mix of live-action and puppetry. The little bit I read–seeing as the film’s not due out for five months there’s not a lot yet to read–only intrigued me more.

Except for a little bit about a possible editorial problem. That didn’t intrigue me–I wouldn’t want to see a film as remarkable looking as this end up with a “Directed by Alan Smithee” credit. So I hope that gets resolved.

I downloaded the trailer this morning. I’ve watched it again a few times. Each time I was intrigued even more. I have to see this movie. 🙂

And there had better be a soundtrack album. Because I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

So, Across the Universe. A film I’d never heard of before Saturday, but a film I know I must see.

2 thoughts on “On Across the Universe

  1. Do we know where it’s going to be shown in the UK? Cause I’m addicted to the trailer and I sooooooo want to see it!

  2. It’s opening in the US in September, and a quick Google search shows a UK release date of September 28th or TBA (To Be Announced).

    The trailer is just amazing. I’ve taken it nearly frame-by-frame, and there’s a lot to notice, in particular starting at the point where things get surrealistic (due, perhaps, to the effects of LSD on the characters?).

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