On Adam

Sometimes at work I have to scour movie trailer websites, to try and figure out what’s new and interesting coming out, so I can write a “link article” for work.

So, while digging through Yahoo! Movies, I came across this:


(Unfortunately, that version isn’t embeddable. You’ll have to clink the link. Or you can scroll down, and I have an embed from TrailerAddict.)

Not a film I’ve heard of. But here’s the short story:

Hugh Dancy plays Adam, a man with Asperger’s Syndrome who meets Beth, a writer portrayed by Rose Byrne. And they fall in love, which is not without its challenges.

Dancy was, I think, Galahad in the Clive Owen King Arthur movie. Byrne currently stars in Damages, and she’s my first choice to play a young Sarah Jane Smith if Doctor Who ever needed a young Sarah Jane.

The film debuted at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, and it goes into release in late July.

This sounds like the kind of quirky, charming romantic comedy I would like. The trailer is captivating enough. 🙂

ETA (05-02-09): Let’s see if this works; I think I’ve found an embeddable version of the trailer…

Anyway, this film looks fun. It looks like the kind of thing I’d like. 🙂

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