On Adjusting to the Time Shift

Daylight Savings Time started on Sunday.

There’s an upside to DST. I enjoy driving home from work in daylight instead of twilight.

Actually, I downright prefer it. 🙂

Even last night, when I left the office a fair bit later than the norm, it wasn’t too terribly dark outside.

There are downsides, though.

It’s dark when the alarm goes off now. I don’t like that.

Worse, my brain doesn’t like that. “It’s dark, stupid! You should still be sleeping!” That sounds like something that should be written out in LOLcat pidgin.

And I’m hungry at the wrong times.

Despite eating breakfast, my stomach is quite upset that I’m not eating at what it considers to be the “normal” time. Bah, stomach! Bah!

It would have been an adjustment, whether we changed the clocks now, or if we waited several weeks as we did prior to last year.

Speaking of which, the study released last week that showed that Daylight Savings Time results in increased energy costs? There’s a cynical part of me that wonders if the President wanted an expansion of DST as a present to his energy company cronies. It’s an obvious thing, isn’t it?

I need coffee.

Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

One thought on “On Adjusting to the Time Shift

  1. So for me, DST time meant that I was loosing an hour of sleep- on a night when I had to be at work the next day at 10 am.

    But what was worse was that when we lost that hour- betwen 2 and 3 am- I WAS STILL UP. Which mean that instead of getting 4 hours sleep, I got 3 hours instead….
    But, I do like going on my lunch break at 6 pm, and it still being sunny and bright outside…

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