On Alberto Gonzales’ Resignation

And Alberto Gonzales throws in the towel.

I’ve been wanting the asshole to resign for a while now. Why it took him four months to get the message, I couldn’t tell you.

His lies are legion. His crimes are unknown. It may take a decade to extract his stench from the halls of the Justice Department. He wasn’t so much an idiot as he was incompetent — he failed to understand that his job was to uphold the laws of the nation, not support the whims of the Bush crime family.

He’ll be gone in three weeks. Good riddance.

As for what happens next, Congress needs to do whatever it can to prevent Bush from putting another crony in Attorney General’s seat. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Bush attempt an end-run around Congress through the use of a recess appointment — impeachment may be the only remedy for such an action.

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