On Allyn Codes

One of my readers has asked me a very strange question.

“You know how there’s a code in the Bible?” (Speaking, of course, of The Bible Code, that book of errant nonsense. You can find the same damn stuff in Moby-Dick.) “I bet there’s a code in your work. I bet there’s a code in Ring Around the Sky. Can you check?”

So what have I done? I’ve spent some time trying to find a Bible Code (or Torah Code) program that (1) is a freeware download, and (2) will search a plain text file that isn’t the fucking Bible. Like, say, a plain text file of Ring.

If anyone knows of such a statistical program — because that’s what it is, a statistical analysis — drop me a line. If there’s any sort of message — “Tiggers rule the world,” let’s say — I’d be absofuckinglutely gobsmacked.

Hmm. I can almost see the algorithms in my mind. They’re there, flirting at the edge of consciousness. Almost. :/

I don’t think there are any Allyn Codes in my corpus of work. I really don’t.

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