On Allyn’s 2012 Farpoint Schedule

A week from today, Farpoint begins in Timonium, Maryland. A media science-fiction convention, I’ve been attending Farpoint regularly since 2006. (Yes, I was there for the infamous “carpet glue” convention, where con-goers were tripping out on the carpet fumes and the wild colors.) Farpoint is being held this year at the Crowne Plaza in Timonium, just off Interstate 83, with Kate Vernon, Michael Hogan, and Kristin Bauer as the headlining guests.

I’ll be attending Farpoint, and my schedule for the con is shaping up thusly:

Comics, Films, and Games: Media Tie-Ins of 2011
Saturday — Dulaney 2, 2:00 PM

Allyn Gibson Autograph Session
Saturday — 3:00 PM

Comics: Reboots, Crises, and Civil Wars
Sunday — Dulaney 2, 1:00 PM

There were two other panels I was interested in being on, except they happen to fall at the same time as my other programming. Alas.

I’m likely to attend the Podcasting 101 panel (Ridgely 2, Saturday 1:00 PM) because I’m planning a podcast (and have drafted the script for the first episode) for my website relaunch later this spring and would like to get some practical insight. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m also likely to be seen in the vicinity of Northern Lights, the bar at the Crowne Plaza Timonium. ๐Ÿ™‚

Farpoint’s a fun convention. It’s a laid-back affair.

Perhaps I’ll see some of you there!

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