On an American Equivalent to the Eurovision Contest

Saturday afternoon, my Twitter stream was filled with tweets on the Eurovision contest.

My only direct experience with the Eurovision contest is Father Ted‘s “A Song for Europe,” in which Ted and Dougal write an abominable song, “My Lovely Horse.”

The idea of the Eurovision contest, as I understand it, is that the various countries of Europe have songwriting contests, and each country sends their winning song to an international competition where it gets voted on. To me, this sounds like American Idol, but with songs instead of undiscovered artists.

What occurs to me is this.

Why doesn’t FOX or NBC stage an “Amerivision” song contest?

Imagine that the network affiliates in each state or territory and then a finals competition pits the top dozen against each other with viewers manning the phones and voting for what they like best?

Why FOX? Amerivision would be an interesting counter-point to American Idol or the curiously mutantless X-Factor.

Why NBC? It’s not like they have anything better to show. Who knows? They could even get a hit out of it.

Worse things have been put on the air, after all. And this could be the ticket for Hollywood’s next reality show producer. :h2g2:

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