On an Amish Halloween

Some readers may be unaware that, for a few years, I lived in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, a little to the east of Lancaster.

My first year there, ten years ago now, I was excited. It was Halloween. There were kids on my road. Amish kids.


Two years ago, I told the story of that night. The night of the Amish Halloween!

And for those dedicated pumpkin patch sitters, waiting tonight for the coming of the Great Pumpkin, may I recommend John Aegard’s short story, “The Great Old Pumpkin“?

As for myself, I do not plan upon waiting in a pumpkin patch. The Great Pumpkin would not judge my patch sincere. I know this. Instead, I think I shall watch some Universal Monster movies. Oooh, Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein. That’s the plan!

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