On an Epic Win

Dave Galanter posted on Facebook last night a link to a picture on FailBlog — a protester and his sign.

I’m not sure what motivated me to take a look and see the picture, but I did.

Judging from Dave’s comment, I had the impression that the protester’s sign was, perhaps, a bit vague.

What I wasn’t expecting was that I would recognize it right off. And then laugh my ass off.

The sign isn’t a “fail.” It’s actually an epic win.

It quotes Father Ted!

Ah, Father Ted. One of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

In “The Passion of St. Tibulus,” Fathers Ted and Dougal are given the task by Bishop Brennan to protest the showing of the blasphemous film, The Passion of St. Tibulus. Ted and Dougal aren’t especially motivated, and they make up two protest signs. One reads “Down with this sort of thing.” The other reads “Careful now.” To their everlasting shock, their protest outside the theater has the opposite intended effect, and The Passion of St. Tibulus becomes the highest-grossing film ever on Craggy Isle. (Okay, okay, it may have been beaten by Jurassic Park, but my memory’s a little foggy on that point.)

Naturally, the protester in the picture is carrying a Father Ted-inspired sign.

I really should make one myself. “Down with this sort of thing” on one side, “Careful now” on the other. 🙂

And maybe I’ll find a spider-baby. Or would that be an ecumenical matter? 😆

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