On an Interesting Job Listing

Friday, the agency called. They don’t need me to start in Fells Point today. Maybe tomorrow. Probably Wednesday. They said they would call. I’m waiting anxiously to hear. So, I’m doing what I usually do — go through the want ads and the online job listings.

Going through yesterday’s want ads from the Baltimore Sun I saw an intriguing job listing — Atheletes.

The Medieval Times in the Baltimore/Washington area is looking for people to audition for the role of Knight.

No, I’m not seriously entertaining the idea of applying for this. The distance alone — at best it would be an hour-long commute, one way — would keep me away. Frankly, I wasn’t entertaining the idea at all. Nevertheless, it’s interesting that they would post a job listing like any other business.

Insted, I applied for an open position at Towson University. The pay isn’t great, but it does have one nice fringe benefit that would make it worthwhile to me — free tuition. I never finished my history degree — frankly, I ran out of money, and at the time my head just wasn’t in the game — and it’s something I’ve wanted to do, only my seven year sojourn with EB Games got in the way. We’ll see if anything shakes off this tree.

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