On Annotations

In the spirit of annotations for Star Trek novels such as David Mack’s Harbinger, Keith DeCandido’s Articles of the Federation, and Steve Mollmann & Michael Schuster’s The Future Begins, I have compiled and posted annotations for Star Trek: Constellations, the anniversary Star Trek anthology of which I am a part.

Not all of the anthology’s stories are represented–not every story lends itself to annotations, and the stories in Constellations were written to be accessible to all readers without being bogged down in continuity references.

I must say this–unless you’ve read the anthology don’t even think about reading the annotations. These aren’t Cliff’s Notes, these are no substitute for reading the stories. Major plot points, and in some cases the reasoning behind them, are spelled out. Reading the annotations in advance of reading the story will greatly diminish your enjoyment of Constellations, no doubt.

For fans who like this sort of thing, though, the annotations are there. Enjoy!

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