On Another Scene

I’ve had a story on the brain of late.

The story… well, I’d call it “emotionally bleak.” It’s a story of great sorrow, and sometimes I “feel” the characters in my head as I’m working through the plot permutations.

I sketched out a scene while riding the subway recently.

Today, while riding the subway, I sketched out another. A sequel, in a way, to that earlier scene.

One of the story’s scenes, at least as I see them in the outline I’m assembling, involves an autopsy.

What struck me, with gale-like force, was how to present the autopsy.

Or rather, how to present its findings.

Not to sound… daft, but I found a charming, even whimsical, way to present the autopsy’s findings.

What’s more, I began to see how this could tie into the story’s conclusion, at least as I see it. It sets some character moments in motion, that will give this “emotionally bleak” landscape the story explores an upbeat ending, believe it or not.

I like the scene, as I wrote it out. I “heard” the Doctor’s voice clearly. A bit avuncular, a bit saddened by the circumstances. Yet he had an opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with a prized pupil. I liked it.

It’s going in the folder, with the other sketched-out scene. It’s possible that these scenes won’t survive, though I will need scenes like them.

Sometimes the train is just a good place to write, y’know? 😉

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