On Baseball Fun

While the Cubs and the Brewers flail in the National League Central, I’ve won tickets for tonight’s Aberdeen Ironbirds game.

The Ironbirds, as some readers might not be aware, are the minor league baseball team based in Aberdeen, Maryland, and owned by Cal Ripken.

I won tickets to the second game of the season back in June. Not a great game — the Ironbirds’ pitcher melted down in the second inning, their manager was ejected from the game in the fourth. But you know what? I had tickets right behind home plate. First row, right behind home plate. The usher wiped down my seat.

So, after work tonight I’m driving up to Aberdeen, and take in the local nine. Well, not quite local to me — they’re a half an hour north of Baltimore, roughly.

Oh, and tonight? I’ve got the same seats as I did back in June. First row, right behind home plate.

Should be a great night for baseball. 🙂

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