On Baseball Madness

Today could possibly be the greatest day in baseball history. It’s the last day of the season, and four National League teams are still in the hunt for three playoff spots.

There’s something strange when it’s the Cubs who have their playoff spot sewn up. 😆

Here’s a run-down of the possible tie-breaker, pre-playoff scenarios if today doesn’t end cleanly in the NL East, West, and Wild Card.

I know that many purists have problems with the Wild Card. Indeed, sometimes it’s a distraction. But this year? Pure drama.

Personally, I’m hoping for the four-way tie scenario. 😆

I don’t know how the NL playoff brackets will break down. Ideally, they should be structured in such a way that the Cubs and the Phillies could meet in the NLCS — two “cursed” teams going head-to-head for the pennant. Yes, that would be ideal.

This is drama, people. Drama!

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