On Baseball, the Harbinger of Spring

I look out from my office window at the glacier that still lays across Maryland, and a thought brightens my seasonally-affected spirits.

The knowledge that pitchers and catchers have reported in Florida and Arizona.

Soon, on fields of green, the boys of summer will be back. The crack of the bat, the smell of the ivy, the verdant green.

Yes, my friends.


Hope beats eternal in the breast of this Chicago Cubs :cubs: fan. This could be the summer. This could be the year.

And, I have just one message for the world:

Yankees Suck!

Yes. Yes, they do.

I’m working on making a sign of that, to take to Camden Yards sometime this spring. Buy tickets, sit in the outfield, and hold that aloft. Maybe a MASN camera will catch that. Maybe someone will think I’m an Arab terrorist. 😆


A harbinger of spring. 😀

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