On Beatles Archeology

Last summer, I read Michael Moorcock’s Doctor Who novel, The Coming of the Terraphiles. Set about 50,000 years in our future, the novel concerns itself with the Doctor and Amy’s adventures with a group of Earth re-enactors, the Terraphiles. They think they know what Earth, circa 1900, was like, but what they have to go on is pulp fiction and Sexton Blake novels and old magazines. In short, they have a very skewed view of what our time is like.

How might future archeologists imagine the Beatles? What things from the era might they decide, erroneously, have something to do with the Fab Four? How accurate might their records be?

Well… “Beatles 3000“…

That’s pretty freakin’ sweet. I’m impressed, and I laughed and I laughed some more.

And, now for something silly…

What if the Beatles were an Irish folk band?

Now, for more writing research. :-/

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