On Being Irish

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and yet it’s never too late to ask, “So, how Irish am I…?” If you really must know, I don’t think I have any Irish blood in me, but I do love my Guinness and my Beamish (even if you can’t get Beamish in this country any more). There is beer, and there is stout, and once you’ve had stout you can never go back. 🙂

And I’ll blame Terri for this. 😉

How Irish Are You?

Your Result: No doubt, you are Irish

You are Irish and you know it, you support your country, and are proud of your culture. You are a good Irishman and should spread Irishness wherever you go. Though your are Irish, you still have some things to work on before we raise your rank to “True Irishman (or Woman)”

True Irishman (or woman)
Not true Irish, but close enough
Irish But Lacking
Fake, Fake, Fake
How Irish Are You?

I love Father Ted. Surely that counts for something. Joe’s Irish Quiz Says that, no doubt, I am Irish. :cheers:

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