On Being Noticed by Rachel Maddow’s Producer

How’s this for fun?

I got noticed by one of Rachel Maddow’s writers and producers on Twitter this afternoon. 🙂

A few months ago, Maddow hired Steve Benen, formerly of Washington Monthly, to work on MaddowBlog. I’d followed Benen’s work on WM‘s “Political Animal” blog for a number of years, and when Maddow hired him away, I started reading MaddowBlog. (I actually have a bookmark that gives me just Benen’s work, so I can pretend that it’s just like reading “Political Animal.”)

Benen doesn’t blog just a little. Benen blogs a lot. And his political blogging is timely, insightful, and thorough. As political bloggers go, he puts everyone to shame with his output. He manages quantity and quality. Simply great stuff.

This afternoon, Benen posted an article about how John Boehner is one of the least powerful Speakers of the House in American history. This has been a frequent refrain of his over the years, and today Benen brought the tale up to date.

I decided to share the article on Twitter, and when I did so I riffed on Benen’s original headline — “The wrong guy to talk about ‘leadership'” — and added some @ tags to Benen, Maddow, and John Boehner himself — From @SteveBenen & @maddow, why @SpeakerBoehner is entirely the wrong guy to talk about “leadership” on.msnbc.com/I6JQfF (link to Tweet)

To my surprise, Benen did a modified retweet of this. He snipped out Rachel Maddow’s link, but left in my adverb and the link to his article. I suspect that retweeting me was easier for him than posting the link himself. 🙂

I think this is quite cool, actually.

First, it’s a good article. I think people should read it because Benen says some interesting things about Boehner’s political impotence.

Second, it’s just nice to be noticed sometimes.

Go me! :banana:

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