On Being Quoted

It’s odd.

I saw myself quoted today while reading a thread on a message board. I wasn’t cited, nor would I have expected to be, because the conversation wasn’t one in which I had participated. But there they were, my words, and I knew them to be my words, because I had said them in person to the person who used them.

It’s a conversation I said I wouldn’t join. Perhaps I should–the words of mine quoted need the context and the explanation that was sorely lacking. But I gave my word, and I intend to honor that. Let others think me mad, those who know. Let others think me mute, those who don’t.

One thought on “On Being Quoted

  1. If it was me–didn’t mean to do that 😕 You know where to find me if you want to complain with details.

    If it wasn’t me–well, then I guess I don’t have anything to say. 😉

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