On Being Wowed

I’ve been reading Daily Kos for a really long time. I registered for an account to post comments, and I think I may have posted five or six.

Today I posted a diary. My first.

It’s Keith‘s fault, really. He linked to a YouTube video of Keith Olbermann’s latest Special Comment. I watched the video, even copied it out of my Internet cache to watch over and over. (I have a standalone FLV player — helpful when one wants to watch YouTube videos at leisure.)

Why, I wondered, couldn’t the NBC Nightly News offer the Olbermann Special Comments as standalone editorials? Nightly news used to editorialize. It was Walter Cronkite turning against the Vietnam War that turned America against the Vietnam War.

Wondering that, I went to Daily Kos and posted a diary. As I said, it was my first.

My first diary landed on the Recommended Diaries list.

It may stay there an hour. It may stay there six hours.

I’m just kinda wowed.

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