On Bill Kristol

For New Years the New York Times made a resolution to add Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, to their editorial pages.

Kristol’s career as a Republican thinker is well-known. He was Dan Quayle’s Chief of Staff. He argued strongly that the Clinton health care proposals had to be defeated completely, not compromised upon, as any creation of a health care benefit would benefit the Democratic Party for decades to come. He used to be a fixture on This Week, another talking head next to George Will and Cokie Roberts. He was one of the leading proponents of invading Iraq — his Project for a New American Century lobbied for that very thing during the Clinton administration.

Tom Tomorrow asks a valuable question with this cartoon — What, in the past six years, has Bill Kristol been caught right about?

Is he just a talking head who likes to hear himself talk? Certainly. But does he actually know anything about the Middle East? I think my cats know more about the Middle East.

Maybe Kristol needs to write about how terrible the Chicago Cubs are. (Or for Yankees fans, he needs to write about how awesome the Red Sox are.) Because it seems that if Kristol writes it, then it’s objectively not true.

Ah, punditry.

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