On Blog Tumbleweeds

Tumbleweeds have taken over this blog this week…

I can almost hear the harmonica...

Chalk it up to feeling unwell and overworked.

Last weekend, I began to feel congested. On Sunday, I had a sandpaperish throat and clogged sinuses. On Monday, I had congestion in the bronchial passages and a persistent cough.

Allergies? A cold? I have no idea. Just when I’m sure it’s a cold, I think it’s pollen allergies. Just when I’m convinced it’s allergies, I know it’s a cold.

Allergies seems more likely — after a very wet spring (which would have kept the pollen at bay) the last week has been dry, and the color mucus I’ve hacked up doesn’t have a sickly cast to it — but it could easily be a cold, as several others at the office suffer from the same malady.

Either way, it’s persisted for a week. I went and bought some OTC cold/allergy medicine on Wednesday, which was good in one way (the sinuses dried up) but was bad in others (I felt sleepy and drunk), and I’ve since left it alone. I have days where I feel better (like Thursday) and days where I feel worse (like yesterday). The sore throat has largely passed (it’s still a little scratchy, but not as painful as it was), but I’m still congested in the bronchials and in the sinuses. Another few days still, I’m sure.

More information than any of you wanted, I’m sure. 🙂

The tumbleweeds should clear next week.

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