On Blustery Saturdays

Were it not for the sodding rain, today would be perfect for kite-flying.

It’s blustery. The sky is overcast. The wind is up. Leaves are falling. It’s over seventy degrees.

Only it’s raining. Not heavy, but steady. And the ground is soggy, from the four days of rain we had over last weekend and the rain that started up again yesterday.

How can it be that last Saturday was forty degrees, that I woke to snow on the ground Sunday morning, and today the mercury is over seventy? How does that make sense? Except that it’s autumn, and autumn is known for its fluctuations.

Today would be lovely, were it not for the sodding rain.

See, I can so picture it. My kite. Charlie Brown t-shirt. Shorts. Sneakers. A baseball cap. But no sunglasses; I accidentally broke my sunglasses, and I’ve not replaced them. I have such luck when it comes to sunglasses.

But there’s the rain. And the soggy ground. It’d be like sinking into a mire.

💡 Maybe if the rain stops. I can deal with the soggy ground; that’s what showers afterward are for. I get my shoes soaked, mud and muck seep in between the toes, and that’s fixable.


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