On Candy Bar Consumption

My “blood chocolate content” had fallen to a precipitously low level. This called for a trip to the vending machine on the third floor.

For reasons that pass beyond my understanding, while the vending machines in the third floor breakroom and the sixth floor breakroom are stocked by the exact same company and contain the exact same products, the products on the third floor are generally fifteen to fifty cents cheaper than the same products on the sixth floor. A candy bar that would cost a dollar on the sixth floor is seventy-five or eighty-five cents on the third floor. Those Welch’s Fruit Gummies that I really like are a buck twenty-five on the sixth floor. Just a dollar on the third.

Today was a day that called out for chocolate.

I went with a Mr. Goodbar. Chocolate and peanuts.

As I waited in the lobby for the elevator to arrive, I began to wonder.

Am I the only person to take a wrapped Hershey’s bar and break it into the little pieces while it’s still in its wrapper?

I do the short vertical breaks first, then work my way horizontally and break the bar.

Then I’ll unwrap it and eat the pieces.

It’s a strange habit of mine, and I cannot say for certain when I started eating Hershey bars this way. I eat them so infrequently.

My candy of choice, by the way — Payday bars, Snickers bars, the Reeses Peanut Butter Big Cup.

Hmm, they all have peanuts in common.

Now, I’ve consumed the Mr. Goodbar. My blood chocolate content is rising to an acceptable level. :party:

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