On Catching Natitude

My mom noticed something different about my Beetle today.

IMG_20120617_110752What’s the decal on your car?”

“It’s a Washington Nationals decal. I picked it up at Big Lots a few weeks ago.”


I shrugged. “It was cheap.” True, it was only three dollars. And Big Lots had lots of Nationals merchandise. Of course, they’ve had the same merchandise for three or four years and it just sits there, clogging up the shelf…

“And this is Natstown, and I have Natitude.”

“No, this is Birdland. You’re outside Baltimore, not DC. And anyway, what about the Cubs?”

“The Cubs are my first love and my true love. The Nats are my local team. I’ve always considered the Nats my local team. I’m not some bandwagon jumper.”

It also helps that the Cubs are having a terrible year, while the Nationals have a pretty damn good team — and a good story — this year, so I don’t feel that I’m being disloyal to the Cubs.

She rolled her eyes. Or at least I imagine she rolled her eyes. I didn’t really notice.


One thought on “On Catching Natitude

  1. As a Cub-fan I don’t see it as disloyalty either. As the Nats are in the Capital I figure we all kind of have a piece of them, right? I’d say they are my second-favorite team.

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