On Character Coffee Mugs

I needed a coffee mug for the office.

The reason? I needed something to put my copious supply of pens in.

Cheap coffee mugs, the kind you can buy at the dollar store, work wonders.

I went to the dollar store at the mall nearby after work. They had coffee mugs. For a buck each.

And, much to my surprise, they had Winnie-the-Pooh coffee mugs.

Oh, there’s words on the mug. In Spanish. And the mugs are clearly unlicensed. Disney’s making no royalties off of these.

And if Disney knew that the dollar store at the mall were selling illegal, unlicensed Disney products, Disney’s lawyers would descend upon them like lions descending on their prey on the Serengeti. It would be quick. It would be merciless. And then the lawyers would nap for a week, on billable time.

I digress.

So, these mugs will prove useful, no doubt. One, I’ll use for pens. The other… well, I may scrub that one down and use it for its intended purpose — as a coffee mug. It really does require some scrubbing; all the mugs were a bit grotty.

We shall see.

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