On Christmas Day

A few people have noticed that, sacre bleu, I changed my blog’s theme. It’s festive. There’s an Elf in the header.

I made the change a few weeks ago. It’s just for the holidays, and after the New Year I’ll change it back. I’ve put up Christmas themes in the past, and this year I thought the world needed the cheer.

The theme, “Cheer,” was designed by Automattic, the team behind WordPress. To make it work seamlessly with my content I had to create a dozen custom page templates. It was a quick little project, I set it up as a child theme, and I utilized some of the code I created for the new website (because, honestly, it’s better coded than what I did a few years ago).

Christmas Day is nearly done, and it’s almost time to settle in for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

I hope my Angel Tree recipient had an awesome Christmas.

And I hope all of you at home had festive and fantastic holidays as well!

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