On Christmas Songs New and Old

Ah, Christmas music. How I love it! How I will listen to it year-round! Unless it’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” which I think is all kinds of dire. (And I didn’t find Doctor Who Magazine‘s rousing Twitter-version of it this morning any sort of inspiring.)

This week, I’m participating in one of the Facebook song challenges, the 10 Day Christmas Song Challenge, with the tenth and final answer coming (for me) on Christmas morning.

While I’ve worked out my ten answers in advance, there are two songs — one I’ve just discovered, one I’ve liked for a while — that I wanted to share that don’t fit the ten days.

First up, the new discovery.

I heard this on Vic Galloway’s show on BBC Radio Scotland this afternoon: Withered Hand‘s “Real Snow”:

I love the sound of it. 🙂

Now, the long time favorite is a song that’s entirely appropriate for this time of Occupy Wall Street and the 99%, 60s protest singer Phil Ochs’ “No Christmas in Kentucky”:

After Christmas (or possibly on Christmas morning itself), I’ll post the ten Christmas songs for the 10 Song Challenge.

And in the new year, I’m going to tackle the 30 Day Beatles Song Challenge. It does have one problem, though — you’re not allowed to repeat songs, but the first and last day want the same thing, the person’s favorite Beatles song. 🙂

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