On Christopher Lee

I have decided.

J.J. Abrams needs to find a way to fit Christopher Lee into the next Star Trek film.

The reasons should be obvious.

Christopher Lee has been Dracula.
Christopher Lee has been Sherlock Holmes.
Christopher Lee has been the Frankenstein Monster.
Christopher Lee has been in Star Wars.
Christopher Lee has been in The Lord of the Rings.
Christopher Lee has been Death (in the Discworld adaptations).
Christopher Lee has even been in EverQuest.

Name a science-fiction or fantasy franchise, and Christopher Lee has been a part of it.

Except Star Trek. And Doctor Who. And Harry Potter.

But those are the only ones.

Except for the ones I’m forgetting.

But we’ll go back to Star Trek.

Christopher Lee needs to be in Star Trek.

I don’t know as what. I don’t care as what.

He can be the Romulan Emperor for all I care.

Come to think of it, that might be cool.

But that’s not the point.

The point is…

Star Trek needs Christopher Lee.

Oh, it’s survived forty-some years without Christopher Lee.

But Christopher Lee, who has been a part of so many beloved franchises, hasn’t been a part of Star Trek.

C’mon, J.J. Abrams.

Cast Christopher Lee in Star Trek XI.


7 thoughts on “On Christopher Lee

  1. Christopher Lee HAS been in Star Trek. He played a very major villain in the early seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  2. Frank Langella? I mean, yeah, he was Dracula and Skeletor, but he’s definitely not Christopher Lee. 😉

    When I made the same suggestion — that Christopher Lee should be in Star Trek XI — at TrekBBS, someone did a really nice photomanip of Lee as a Romulan:

    Christopher Lee as the Romulan Emperor

    I like it. 🙂

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