On Cinematic Insights

Ever have a moment of pure epiphany? A moment where, suddenly and without warning, you’ve thunk a thought that has never been thinked before?

(Yes, I’ve had Dr. Seuss on my mind recently. Just let that go for a moment.)

I had one of those moments today.

It’s all to do with a movie, one that came out about fifteen years ago, one that I’ve watched maybe a dozen times over the years, though I’m actually a bit indifferent to it.

I had a moment’s realization, in thinking about the movie for work-related reasons, and suddenly I knew. I understood.

I’ve had an insight into this movie and what it says that I don’t think anyone has ever had before.

I’ll have to research the literature. Maybe some critic somewhere has said “This is a movie about…” and he’s on the same thing I’m about.

But I don’t think so.

Even though it’s so obvious.

I have to ponder this one. I have to ponder this one hard.

Once I have my own thinking straight, then I can share it. 🙂

One thought on “On Cinematic Insights

  1. I got your comment message, but I don’t know if you get some kind of a notification every time someone posts one of these things so I just put this in the newest entry.

    Cool, I figured you were busy … just drop me a line when you have some time .. I’d be happy to talk to you about it through an email chain or I could even give you a call, or vice versa.

    On Gamestop:
    Thank god I still know the people working at my local store. I’m closer to the store that I managed now which is nice because I can actually get to see the manager I hired when I was running Berkshire Mall (you remember Heather, don’t you?). Well i got to know her and her ASM, and her ASM got moved over to the new store that opened practically right up the street from me so if I need anything I pretty much get it.

    But crap like this is one of the reasons I had stopped even giving them preorder money. The only reason I started doing it again is because this Microplay place opened up nearby and they break streetdate every time there’s a new release so my GS sells me those same games early as well 😀 And by the way, Fable II is a disappointment.


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