On Coldplay Fonts

A reader came to the website recently, looking for information — according to the search string Google passed — on “Coldplay Fonts.”

Coldplay uses Albertus MT for their logo typeface. COLDPLAY. See? (Assuming, of course, that you have Albertus MT installed on your machine. As I do.)

No, I don’t have a font problem. I can quit them any time. 😉

8 thoughts on “On Coldplay Fonts

  1. I finally found the *perfect* barcode font for my :CueCat but I cannot find the correct Firefly font. I want to strangle every sci-fi punk that tells me it’s Nuptial. The “F” isn’t even right!

  2. That’s the thing — a lot of television shows start out using a standard font, and then the art department mangles and modifies it to work as they’d like.

    A friend of mine approached me a few days ago asking if I could eyeball two fonts and tell him what they were, because he wanted to make some DVD cases and he wanted a font that was similar, if not outright exact, to what had been done on official releases.

    Well, with some manipulation, he got one of the fonts I suggested pretty damn close.

    Fonts. Aren’t they fun? 🙂

  3. I’m not asking you personally, Allyn, but would it be possible to make a font that looked like the words “VIVA LA VIDA” on the album cover of the same? It is written with hasty paint brush strokes, but I thought maybe there could be a font like that…

  4. Thank you very much sir. I knew it was handbrushed, but I didn’t know if there were fonts like it. Now I do. 🙂

  5. I’d like to know which is the font used in X&Y booklet, in the orange page. It’s used for the credits on the booklet…

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