On Coldplay’s “Violet Hill”

Coldplay’s new single, “Violet Hill,” can be downloaded from Coldplay’s website. But the link to find where to download can be difficult to find, and this link will take you directly to download the page.

The song should be available until next Monday.

I don’t know what the song sounds like; it’s still downloading. But I’m sure it’s splendiferous and fantabulous. 🙂

And for the record, I hate websites built entirely in Flash. I also hate websites heavy with Javascript. Flash is worse than Javascript. Javascript sucks. Flash sucks worse. And websites that combine both? Nuke them from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Coldplay! Woo!

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3 thoughts on “On Coldplay’s “Violet Hill”

  1. How come when I click the link for the download that was sent to me, it asks for a user name and password? Please help me!

  2. It’s not the best designed website in the world. I’ll surely say that.

    I just clicked the link, to make sure it hadn’t changed in the past two days.

    It asks for e-mail address, a postal code or ZIP code, and country.

    You do have to give the system a valid e-mail address, as it sends you a link immediately for the download.

    So, it doesn’t download directly from that page I linked to above. But it’s not hard to get there.

  3. Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I’m assuming that you didn’t have the same problem. Once I received the e-mail, I clicked on the link provided within it. When a new page pops up, it then asks for a user name and pw… weird huh?

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