On Coming Disasters

Is there any good news anymore?

Plague will be the next big thing.

No, not some super-flu.

We’re talking Black Death.

What’s wrong with the world?

I suddenly envision a guy with a cart — “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!”

No, that would be a silly thought.

Seriously, though.


There is no good news anymore.

One thought on “On Coming Disasters

  1. All will end soon, the world will become united in a time of disaster, at the rate at which humans are going it cannot be helped, 2010 welcomes disasters that you can never imagine, there is plenty of scientific evidence to back my theory but humans are too stubborn and refuse to believe or accept the truth, those who believe are very small in number but in times of danger and peril they will be the strongest, i am sure the scientist know what i am talking about: overpopulation, global warming, plagues, appearance of unknown animals, sudden unexplainable deaths, greenhouse effect and even the gradual weakening of the human body. Our evolution cycle is not yet complete, we have still not fully adapted to our home. It’s up to us to stay alive and chose our own destiny those who cannot must be forced to to prevent others from dying, if by any chance i happen to become someone with great influence then you may chose to walk the path of life, those try to bring the earth to ruin must be eliminated before they cause greater damage. When the age of death and chaos arrives i shall awaken and all those who follow me shall live! HEAR ME!

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