On Computer Pains

Tonight I nuked my hard drive

Then I nuked my other hard drive.

Then I reinstalled Windows.

Then I started reinstalling my software, my documents, etc.

Other than the total waste of time, it wasn’t as complicated (or as difficult) as I’d imagined it would be. Getting The Bat! to recognize my old e-mail folders took a little more work than I’d have liked (it wasn’t just a simple case of dropping the right folders in the right place in the directory), but reconfiguring Opera was a breeze.

The computer had developed a bug, a particularly nasty trojan named “Clicker FR.” How it got the trojan I can easily guess–it was fine when I left for Shore Leave, and when I got back it was distinctly not fine. I could lay blame, but there’s nothing to be gained by that.

Tomorrow I’ll reinstall some of the games, particularly Age of Empires III.

For now, sleep.

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