On Copy Machine Follies

On the sixth floor there is a copy machine.

The sixth floor is built around a central elevator quad. If you step off the elevator, my cubicle is on the eastern side of the building. The copy machine is on the western side of the building.

Think of the sixth floor as being like a donut. With the elevators in the middle.

To get to the copy machine, I make a long, looping journey. Either I go to the near end of the building and around, back to the copy machine, or I go the longer route, into sales, through customer service and the kitchen, to the copy machine.

I realized today how stupid I’ve been.

There are two sets of double doors in the elevator lobby.

One goes to the eastern side of the building. One goes to the western side.

Instead of making the long, lonely trek through cube farms and past offices, I could simply walk to the double doors, cut through the elevator lobby, and go through the other doors.

We’re talking a trip 20 percent of what I’ve been taking.

Why is the easiest solutions that are often the most difficult to see?

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