On Craig Ferguson and Doctor Who Fandom

Said Craig Ferguson last week:

There’s rivalry between the Harry Potter fans and the Twilight fans. And Twilight fans think they’re much cooler than the Harry Potter fans. And I’m like, “I dunno why… they’d all get their ass kicked by the Doctor Who fans.” That’s right, I won!

Naturally, this amused me. And then, on Gallifrey Base, I saw an interesting idea — Ferguson should have someone from the series on his show. And Alex Kingston (River Song) was suggested.

Which prompted me to send a Tweet to Ferguson: “@CraigyFerg Any chance you could book Alex Kingston on your show to talk #drwho before the season finale airs on BBC America in a few weeks?”

The movement begins here, people! Someone from Doctor Who should do the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson before “The Big Bang” airs on BBC America. Why should the UK get all the Doctor Who media love? Let’s make this happen, Whovians!

Send Ferguson tweets, or e-mail him at the show. Ask to see Alex Kingston on the show to talk Doctor Who and River Song! Go out and kick some Twilight ass! :h2g2:

Who’s with me? Let’s do this thing! :party:

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