On Cream Soda

I love Cream soda. I’d rather drink this than Coke or Pepsi. Don’t ask me why, I’ve no idea. It’s probably the taste. I like the taste.

Finding good Cream soda in North Carolina is damned difficult. Most grocery stores don’t stock it. Can’t find the generic stuff at Wal-Mart like I could in Pennsylvania. Sure, there’s a few grocery stores that have A&W Cream Soda, but a 20 oz. bottle? Nope, not finding that.

Today at Kroger, while buying Rice Krispies, I took a walk down the soda aisle and looked at the Big K generic sodas. There it was, a bottle of Big K Cream Soda. And it was bright red.

No, that’s not right! Cream soda should have a yellow-ish cast to it.

Maybe it was just red coloring, thought I to myself. So, I bought the bottle.

Oh! It’s terrible!

It tastes nothing like Cream soda. It tastes like bubblegum. Bubblegum!

Oh, the indignity of it all!

14 thoughts on “On Cream Soda

  1. Your problem is in wanting a 20 oz bottle. Especially if you get it on sale, 2 liters tend to be cheaper than a 20 oz would be.

    But then… I go through 2 two-liters or a twelve-pack a day, so I have to save money where I can. πŸ˜†

  2. !!!! How old are you to only now be discovering red cream soda?
    G-d, I remember having that at like elementary school parties.

    I agree with the hamster…whyfor 20oz bottles? (though you can likely find like soux city or something in it)…2 liter’s are whre it’s at..or cans…(I think Big K does do a yellow soda, too)

  3. You might want to scour Wal-Mart for IBC soda…they make root beer, black cherry (my favorite) and cream soda that you get in six packs of bottles. It’s funny when I buy the black cherry soda, I often almost get carded as it can look sort of like a six-pack of beer..LOL

  4. Red cream soda is common here, I’m afraid, but we do get the white cream soda as well. We take it to be the upmarket, “authentic” version of the substance.

  5. I remember clear, colourless, pure sugar cream soda. I remember red cream soda. I didn’t discover the vanilla-flavoured yellowish cream soda until the mid-1980s, probably when A&W’s became available in Canada for a few years, Haven’t seen it in probably at least ten or fifteen years. I can find IBC sometimes, but it seems to me that it’s sweeter than A&W’s was, and doesn’t have quite as much flavour, almost as if it’s a halfway point between the two styles. But my fond memories may just be misleading me…

  6. what is this man talking about…up in pa there is nothing but the red cream soda.. that is better then the yellowish cream soda

  7. We don’t even have red here in Michigan; all we have is regular vanilla/white cream soda. (And one company used to make chocolate, but that died, probably because it tasted nasty.)

    I only wish that they made diet cream soda. Nobody seems to make it, which is too bad because regular soda is just too damn sugary.

  8. I am from Niagara Falls, Ontario.. and I miss white cream soda. I have spent the entire day thinking about it. I haven’t seen a bottle or a can of white cream soda in years.
    Apparently we only get the red cream soda in Canada.
    It is impossible to find the white coloured. Which i prefer because it tastes creamier.
    I don’t even remember which soda company makes the good white cream soda anymore..it has been that long.
    How upsetting!!

    someone please send a case to Canada for me.

  9. Post necromancy! πŸ™‚

    The white cream soda can be difficult to find. It’s a bit pricey, but Jones Soda does a spectacular clear white cream soda. (According to their website, they do sell in Canada, but I don’t know enough to know what’s what.)

    I haven’t seen Jones in a while, though. I guess the stores here in Maryland aren’t upscale enough. πŸ˜•

    Mainly, I get the yellow Cream Soda these days. I have to go to a slightly upscale grocery store to find it. The one by my house, for instance, doesn’t carry it.

    Good hunting, Amy! πŸ™‚

  10. You can find Jones Soda in Ontario in a lot of stores.

    I cannot remember if it is better than A&W though… since I haven’t tried it for eons! They used to sell it here, but then it was replaced with the pink A&W cream soda, which I can’t seem to find anywhere to prove it existed. The can had a patch look to it. It was nasty. I cannot stand pink cream soda.

    The only place I can get A&W Cream Soda now (the golden one) is to cross the border.

  11. For those of us in Canada who really miss A&W cream soda, there is a cheaper solution than crossing the border.


    I found this link yesterday and tried it last night. It actually is an excellent clone. I didn’t use the Kool-Aid & it still tasted great. I seem to remember A&W cream soda being sweeter, but it’s been years since I had it. Easy enough to fix – just add more sugar or corn syrup. Also, once you make this, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, check this link for a Hogwart’s Butterbeer recipe using the cream soda.


  12. There is usually more sugar in Fanta, Pepsi and Coke than in Cream Soda. Here in the UK we do get Diet Cream Soda and it tastes exactly the same…the closest diet to regular I have tasted

  13. Dr. Brown’s makes a wonderful diet cream soda, just did a web search to make sure they were still around, if you wish check the web for those who carry it. Good luck.

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