On Daft Doctor Who Theories

Doctor Who fandom is beside itself, trying to read the tea-leaves, trying to predict “Journey’s End.”

And that means theorizing. Oh, it’s a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the evidence, and it’s doubly daft to theorize in defiance of the evidence, but that’s never stopped anyone.

Least of all me.

Yet, sometimes, even the most craziest theory can take one’s breath away.

Take, for instance, a thread on Outpost Gallifrey (The Forum Formerly Known As…) about the prediction that the Doctor’s most faithful companion will suffer an everlasting death in “Journey’s End.” This thread argues that the companion who will suffer this death will be…

Sarah Jane Smith.

The production of the second season of The Sarah Jane Adventures? It’s all an elaborate fake-out. The delay of the first season DVD boxset, by this argument, supports the theory.

That’s just daft.

I mean, isn’t it obvious who the most faithful companion will be? The one who suffers the everlasting death?

It’s clearly Jamie McCrimmon.

Yes! That’s the secret casting coup Russell T. Davies has been hiding for months! Frazer Hines is going to appear as an aged Jamie. Casting coup!

Somehow, the Mr. Copper Foundation brought Jaime into the present day, where he’s going to have his memories of travelling with the Doctor restored, only to then get exterminated by the Daleks because he can pull off the kilt look and they can’t.

And it’s going to be co-written by Grant Morrison, because it’s based in part on “The World Shapers.” Morrison gets to kill Jamie twice in his long career! Plus, Darkseid, and then Jason Todd for good measure.

Comics fans with have nerdgasms, because Morrison is writing Who. Old school fans will cry and wail. And the kids and the not-we are going to go, “Who the fuck was that?” Though, perhaps without the “fuck” in their exclamations.

What proof do I have for this theory?

Why, none at all!

Which makes it far more plausible than conspiracy theories, fake-outs, and reading tea leaves. Which is, of course, to say that it’s not plausible at all. 😉

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  1. Saturday cannot come soon enough for me. Em and I just couldn’t wait for the Sci-Fi Channel to catch up, especially knowing that everyone else will have seen it by Shore Leave.

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