On Dalek Naughtiness

Had I known about this, I’d probably have wanted to see it: Abducted by the Daleks, a pornographic film in which women are abducted by the Daleks for use as sex slaves.

The Sun, a London tabloid, described the film thusly:

Dr Who’s foes capture three naked “disco babes” in the 18-rated DVD. They chase the girls around their spaceship and grope them with their plungers. Abducted By The Daleks β€” which features grey, red and black pepper-pot baddies watching a lesbian scene β€” was “five years in the making”, says the sleeve.


The BBC has had eBay auctions of the porn DVD pulled. The estate of Terry Nation, the Daleks’ creator, has vowed to sue the filmmakers.

All that remains now of Abducted by the Daleks is the trailer.

Frankly, I think this would have been as much of a trainwreck as Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Really, that’s the only reason to see something as off-kilter as this.

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  1. Yeah, John S. Drew posted about it a few days back..I’ve been on the hunt for a torrent for it..have my super secret sci fi torrent site working on it 😈

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